About Paradise Hotel



Founded in 2010 as a single proprietorship engaged in the apartment/hotel/service industry business located at a strategic location in terms of commerce. Incorporated in April 2013 to improve the services the company can offer and to explore other avenues that will compliment the current business.


PARADISE HOTEL . is a company that will provide high quality services to its clients. Since the company’s incorporation on April 2013, 95% of the rooms were renovated and the entire staff underwent an intensive in-house training to improve customer service satisfaction. Through the years, we continue to upgrade the amenities we offer to our guests. WiFi, smart TVs, spring coil beds, are among the few that were added for the comfort of our guests. Aside from walk-ins and reservetions thru different affiliated online marketing such as AGODA, PARADISE HOTEL. also targets private and government companies from all over the nation for group reservations as we are aware of their needs when they have seminars and trainings around the area of our operations. This will give the company the flexibility it needs to be successful in its operations. Through proper training of our staff and constant developments, service and improvements wise, we are determined to be considered as one of the best in the industry. This will ensure customer satisfaction and they will definitely see this kind of service.


The primary objectives of PARADISE HOTEL. over the next decade are to: Operate effectively by constantly hiring competent employees. Improve productivity by implementing a company-wide training program. Generate new client contracts on a regular basis by networking with key industry leaders and conducting seminars and workshops. Generate an annual increase of 20% or more in profit by developing a strong client base and keeping overhead costs to a minimum;

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